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There are usually three inescapable costs involved in setting up your own website. The first of these is Domain Registration, the second is Hosting, and the third and greatest cost is the Website itself.

Fortunately, we can remove the biggest hurdle and cost barrier in this process for you. Fighting Fathers Ministries is committed to helping individuals and organisations establish a presence on the web to promote their special cause or interest.

Taking advantage of this offer is as easy as following these three steps:



Get a Domain Name

The domain is your website’s unique address that people type into their browser, which identifies your site to the rest of the world, ie.-,,, etc.

We recommend you only go with a .com, .net or .org suffix, as these are the most commonly recognised. Domain names cost around $10 a year to register, and everybody must have a domain of some kind in order to have a website.

Pick up a domain name here (opens in a new tab)


Get a Hosting Package

Hosting space is where the behind-the-scenes code of your website is physically stored – a hard drive on a server computer somewhere in the world. Different hosts offer different features, and it can become quite confusing once you delve into the subject. To make things easier – and more affordable – we’ve sourced one of the most reliable and cheapest hosting solutions that you’ll be able to find anywhere:

Pick up a hosting account here (opens in a new tab) – I recommend “Personal Web Hosting” at $3.95 a month


Create your Website

Now this final part is usually the hardest, not to mention the most expensive and time consuming! You want to create your site without the technical hassles and without spending hundreds of dollars in the process. Let us take care of this part for you, at zero cost. Simply send us an email at this special email address and tell us about your site. We’ll get back to you and let you know any further details we need to get started on creating your website for you free of charge.

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